steel Rebar

We offer British standard reinforces steel bars to your door. Rebar is a long strip of reinforced steel that has a very high tensile strength. Materials such as concrete have high compression strength. This means that it is very good at staying strong when there is a lot of force pushing towards it. However, concrete has a very low tensile strength which means that if a block of concrete was to be pulled in two different directions, it would not cope very well and would most likely crack and break. By combining concrete and rebar together into a building or foundation, it creates a substance that is strong in both compression and tensile strength.

The bars are placed a certain length apart from one another and are then consumed by concrete to form a solid block. This is used by many structural engineers in order to build strong buildings and super structures but is also used in common building for apartment blocks or even in the construction of some modern homes.

We offer a range of different sizes and shapes of rebar that can be delivered to a location of your choice. We will organise everything to make purchasing as convenient as possible. Our Rebar is of highest quality and is offered at much lower price than our competitors.

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